Excalibur Publishing Announces A Chemical Spillage Simulation (…Yup!)

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Excalibur Publishing is pleased to announce the imminent release of Chemical Spillage Simulator for PC! And you’ve just been enlisted as a novice member of the “Special Chemical Disaster Prevention Unit” and as such cannot yet be trusted to engage in highly specialised missions, obviously. However, as you progress through the ranks and further your career, you’ll be able to drive bigger vehicles and perform more dangerous missions as your experience grows.

Now while all this sounds terribly exciting I don’t need to spell it out that this game will most likely be quite… well, erm, rubbish. Yet that won’t stop it selling like crazy, like every other obscure sim game out there, Truck Simulator, Farming Simulator and more recently surgery Simulator, all of which have proved sensational for a bit of multi-player horsing around.

Your initial assignments are geared towards chemical spillage prevention but will also include extinguishing house and warehouse fires. You’ll then progress onto the recovery and analysis of chemical and radioactive materials, escorting radioactive materials transportation and a mission involving an atomic power plant.

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The vehicles you’ll be in charge of include:

  • Special Chemical Analysis Vehicle where you can analyse chemical and radioactive materials
  • Fully controllable Robot Analysis Unit to collect dangerous materials
  • A truck mounted Chemical Prevention Mobile Unit. You will have to set up this unit at every hazard action site to have full access to the oil absorbing unit, bio hazard suits and the contamination meter
  • Standard fire-fighter cars are also available

The game scenario includes a completely accessible world featuring a big city, farmland, gas stations, a harbour, a hospital, an atomic plant and an industrial area too, which to my mind just reads “epic time waste” and lots of civilians to troll with the Robot Analysis Unit, I fully expect, no wait, I DEMAND to see a full on metal montage of this game within the next few weeks, don’t let me down internet!

The game is due for release on the 14th of June for £24.99, although it’s likely that a Steam sale will follow some time later this year, as they always do.


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One Response to “Excalibur Publishing Announces A Chemical Spillage Simulation (…Yup!)”
  1. Wayne says:

    What next… A laundromat simulator game?

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