Experimental Game “Remembering” Now Available As Free Download

/ 5 years ago


Game company Monobanda and sound studio SonicPicnic joined forces to create a short, experimental game called Remembering. The game is an audio driven exploration through a dreamlike world. It can now be downloaded for free on its official website. The creators from SonicPicnic and Monobanda describe the game as a half forgotten dream. Strange, but also vaguely familiar.

“Inspired by games like Dear Esther and Proteus, we were looking for an experience that will lead players to the far corners of their own mind”, says Liselore Goedhart from Monobanda.

Sound is a fundamental pillar for Remembering. Subtly changing soundscapes are combined with minimal visuals, aiming to bring players a personal poem of memories and imagination.

Right now the game can be regarded as a first chapter. A prelude to a bigger, longer experience. “We would love to create a full game, but first we need to find partners and investors”, says Yorick Goldewijk from SonicPicnic.
The developers decided to put this version online so players and early adopters can give their feedback and input for the full game. “We hope people will be inspired and help us create an unforgettable game.”

Although the game has only reached a small audience so far, the music score created by SonicPicnic has already been adapted for and performed by the Ludwig Ensemble during the first ‘Indie Games Concert’ held in Hilversum last March.

You can head over and download the game at www.rememberingthegame.com

It’s free, it’s pretty straight forward and it’s something a little bit different, couldn’t hurt to take a look right?

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