Experts Say Storing Your Phone in Pants Can Lower Sperm Count 30%

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The Wold Federation of Chinese Medicine Society of Andrology branch don’t mess around when it comes to our ‘prized jewels’. They’ve released an interesting study to commemorate world health day that claims carrying your phone around in your pocket can possibly reduce your sperm count by up to as much as 30 percent.

Jiangsu Province Hospital of Andrology expert Professor Zeng Qingqi claims that compared to 50 years ago, human semen quality has reduced by more than half – they think that phones are partly to blame.

They claim that the infertility can come about by a mobile phone being stashed in your pants pocket over periods of time as you go throughout your daily activities. This happens by your phone emitting high-frequency microwave signals, which Qingqi claims will cause a significant reduction in sperm count as long as the phone is sitting there for 4 or more hours per day.

How does this look in numbers? A ‘healthy’ sperm count will be around 15 million sperm per millimeter we’re told. Some regular phone users were sampled to be hanging around 5 million per millimeter and all the way down to 2 million in extreme cases.

They went on to state:

“Clinically, we also found that for a long time at the computer, more than eight hours a day who have significant effects on sperm quality.”

If you’re interested in some serious ways to reduce the risk, experts suggest the following:

1. Try to store the phone away from the waist and abdomen, do not hang the device around the waist or in the phone coat pocket.
2, When you’re in the office, at home or in the car, it is best to put the phone aside
3. Use a hands free device to answer your phone
4, When making a call, let the phone ring for seven seconds before answering. Before seven seconds is when radiation is highest.

Is this something to be legitimately concerned about? It’s honestly up to you if you believe the research provided or not. Maybe it’s better off setting your phone slightly away on the desk from now on just to be safe. I don’t think I’ll bother.

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One Response to “Experts Say Storing Your Phone in Pants Can Lower Sperm Count 30%”
  1. Karl Kütt says:

    I don’t think that any article just “claiming” effects can be taken very seriously. I however do look forward to seeing actual data and experiments to back up this suggestion. However this news does come as a grim surprise.

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