Facebook could acquire the Opera browser company

/ 6 years ago

Facebook is looking into the possibility of buying out Opera Software, the company who make the browser Opera which boasts nearly 200 million users. Facebook would then take the Opera browser and customise it for its own needs to create a Facebook browser, which would allow you to browse the internet whilst staying connected to your Facebook. Facebook would then be competing with Microsoft, Mozilla, Google and even Yahoo who recently launched a browser.

Opera already has a good mobile browser which is growing in popularity, rivalling Apple’s Safari browser on the iOS as well as competing well on other mobile operating systems like Android. Facebook’s recent IPO, reported as a disaster, actually netted them a healthy $16 billion – more than enough to give Facebook some money to spend. It seems a solid investment from Facebook to get their own browser and capture more and more of an ever growing browser market both on the desktop and mobile platforms. Tell us what you think.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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