Facebook hacked last month, but was not alone

/ 5 years ago


Facebook is and has been the most popular website around with the majority of the web’s visitors frequently checking it out throughout the day whether it be via desktop, laptop or mobile device. The truth is, as a planet, we are addicted, and not just on a personal level. eTeknix relies heavily on Facebook and social media in the grand scheme of things, but we still invest our most personal data within Facebook and entrust them with our data.

It has come to light that Facebook was targeted last month by a sophisticated attack where a mobile developer site lead to the site being “compromised”. Among the web, Facebook weren’t alone and other sites were targeted as well.

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The attacked comprised of malware being downloaded onto Facebook employees’ laptops which could have had a knock-on effect to user data, but Facebook security managed to find the malware and rectify any harmful wrongdoing.

With quite a few hacks already surfacing so far this year, with Twitter being another large scale hit, which saw 250,000 passwords being leaked among other data, a lot of the blame has been put onto China, though they continually deny these allegations.


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