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Facebook Shuts Down ‘Raid Area 51’ Social Media Group

Unless you’ve had your head in a social media exclusion hole for the last month, you have probably heard about the Facebook group that was attempting to organise a mass raid on Area 51. Specifically, to try and see if they could meet some aliens. With the event growing in popularity, it had achieved over 3 million ‘signatures’ of people committing to attend the event on September 20th.

In a report via CNET, however, the party may be officially over. Well, at least on a social media level. Why? Well, Facebook has officially ended the group over what it calls a ‘breach of community standards’.

Facebook Shuts Down ‘Storm Area 51’ Group

It should be noted that the group’s creator, Matty Roberts (who you can learn more about here) has always maintained that he created it as a joke and was genuinely surprised at the way it went viral. Based on the popularity, however, rather than actually attempting a raid on Area 51, he was looking to organise a party in somewhat close proximity.

He has, however, said that he was actively attempting to deter people from actually showing up at Area 51. As such, he feels that the Facebook shutdown is not going to help matters.

“I think it’s pretty reckless of Facebook, especially because I’m trying to direct people away from storming the base. And now I’ve lost my entire audience.”

Despite numerous requests, Facebook has yet to comment specifically on why the group was terminated.

Should I Attend?

Well, I’d say you’re more than welcome to show up the party he’s attempting to organise (which reportedly has around 20,000 people committed). We would, however, strongly advise against legitimately attempting to storm the gates of Area 51.

While the soldiers there may indeed be unable to stop all of you, I dare say that they could stop a fair few with those guns they have. At this point, however, you do have to wonder whether Facebook should’ve stepped in sooner and, specifically, if at this point shutting the group down may actually do more harm than good.

What do you think? Were you planning on storming Area 51? Should Facebook have shut this group down sooner or not at all? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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