Facebook Teleportation Station Using Gear VR

/ 3 years ago


One of the coolest features of the Facebook F8 event are their “Teleportation Stations.” These setups use a special 360 degree camera rigs that are dotted around the show floor, as well as areas that are equipped with Samsung Gear VR headsets. As many of you will know, Oculus provides a lot of the back-end for Gear VR and of course, Facebook owns Oculus, so this is a great way for them to show off the mobile VR hardware.

The booth work much like you would expect. You strap on the Gear VR headset and you can look around the other location as you move the camera with your headset. Seeing the show floor from another part of the show floor isn’t the most incredible thing ever, but it’s a technical demo and one that could see its way into other events in the near future. What if they put a camera on top of a skyscraper, or in an aquarium, at a concert and more?

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