Facebook Testing Video Auto-Play Features On Mobile Devices

/ 4 years ago


Android and iOS users should be in line for some new updates from Facebook soon enough, as the company is busy testing its new mobile features that will automatically play videos that are embedded in your news feed as you scroll down. Videos will auto play, but will initially play silently, however you can tap the video and this will take it to full-screen mode, enabling the audio in the process.

There aren’t many people on the beta test at this time, as the feature has only been rolled out to a small number of users until all the bugs are worked out of the system. The interesting thing to point out here is that while the feature will play back videos posted by your friends and family it will also be able to play videos posted by individuals, musicians and bands. No YouTube embeds or similar are allowed and brand pages are currently excluded, well for now at least.

Users are reporting that the feature works well and that videos stop playing automatically once you scroll past them. It seems Facebook is keen to streamline the video sharing side of the site, likely to compete with services like Vine, but personally it sound like the first big step towards video adverts in the main news feed, or at least promoted content from pages in the format.

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