Fake Fortnite for Android Beta Invites Circulate Online

Phishing Scam Disguised as Fortnite Beta Invite

Since Fortnite is now available for iOS, many Android fans are hopeful that they will be able to play it on their phones as well. So much so that many believed an e-mail phishing scam circulating about a supposed invite to a beta trial. The world’s most popular game is certainly hard to resist. Plus, fans want this so much that many YouTubers and publications have even promoted the scam unwittingly.

Luckily, Epic Games’ Nick Chester was quick to point it out to publications before it spread further. He sent tweets publicly and directly to gaming websites. Now these articles have either been deleted or completely changed to appear as if they never made a mistake to begin with.

Why Was This Scam Successful?

Aside from the obvious overwhelming desire of the fanbase to have an Android version, this particular scam was successful due to the timing. The e-mails began circulating prior to Google’s massive I/O 2018 event. Which excited fans took to mean that the official Android launch for Fortnite will happen there.

Coupled with the big mashup event with Marvel‘s Avengers Infinity War as well. It was hard for fans to contain their excitement, eventually letting their imagination run wild.

As for those who have clicked on the e-mail, it is highly recommended that you change your passwords. Not just for your e-mail, but for all your accounts as soon as possible.

Ron Perillo

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