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Fall Guys Already Has a Cheating Problem! – How Depressing!

So, I finally decided to buy into the hype and try out ‘Fall Guys’ yesterday and, I must say, I can understand why it’s so popular at the moment. Yes, the concept is pretty simple, but it’s executed so well that you’ll constantly find yourself giving in to ‘just one more game’.

In something that is becoming, unfortunately, more and more common, however, it appears that the game already has a cheating problem! – How depressing!

Fall Guys – Cheaters Ahoy!

Over the last 24-hours, a number of videos have been posted on social media showcasing, and let’s be charitable here, some very suspicious activity from users. For example, in the video below, you can see someone who has clearly hacked the game’s files to remove aspects of collision as well as applying a pretty hefty speed boost.

If it makes you feel any better though, at least it didn’t work for that scumbag! Better still though, bans may be just around the corner!

The Battle Begins!

Mediatonic, the developer for ‘Fall Guys’ has been refreshingly open about acknowledging the cheating problem. And, in something that will be hugely reassuring to the millions of people currently playing it, bans are on the way!

“We have had a system in place since day one which has been learning through the actions of our honest players. We’ve now started using this to tune our approach to detecting and addressing cheaters. This is something we will continue to do with the support of the community whose help has been key to keeping Fall Guys a world of beans who just wanna have fun.”

So, should you get ‘Fall Guys’? Well, yes, it’s an amazingly fun game and, for the moment, cheating doesn’t appear to be too big an issue. As we all know though, that can often change very quickly and, let’s face it, ‘Fall Guys’ is amazingly popular at the moment!

You can check out the official Steam Store page for ‘Fall Guys’ via the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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