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Boeing 747’s Still Use Floppy Disks For Critical Updates

Are you planning on taking a flight in the very near future? Because if you are, and are something of a nervous flyer, you might not want to read this. So, if that is the case, why not check out this nice ‘feel good’ story instead.

Still here? Well, in a report via Gizmodo, a rare look at the inner workings of a Boeing 747-400 aircraft has revealed something rather disturbing. Namely, that the aircraft still receives critical software updates via floppy disks!

Floppy Disks for Boeing 747 Critical Updates?!

Now admittedly, the Boeing 747 isn’t a particularly modern aircraft. Particularly the 747-400 which first entered commercial use back in 1985. You would’ve hoped, however, that in the 35 years since they might’ve seen a few upgrades to incorporate more modern technologies. The mad part is, however, that the use of floppy disks isn’t entirely without its logic.

Why Are They Still Used?

Putting aside the fact that the Boeing 747-400 is an old aircraft, there are reasons why they probably still do use floppy disks. Firstly, it’s old technology working with other aspects of old technology – As such, compatibility might be a problem. Secondly, the Boeing 747-400 is nowhere near as sophisticated as modern airplanes and, as such, likely doesn’t actually contain that much data in the computer. Therefore, a floppy disk is likely the perfect medium for software updates.

The third and main factor, however, is probably security related. Put simply, it’s a lot harder to ‘hide’ malicious content on a floppy disk. Certainly, at least, when compared to USB drives.

So, if you are about to step onboard a Boeing 747-400 (which isn’t that likely these days) don’t be too worried. Yes, floppy disks are old tech, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t still work perfectly well!

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Mike Sanders

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