Fallout 4 Survivor 2299 Website Updated With More Mysterious Code

/ 4 years ago


Earlier this week we brought you news that Bethesda had filed for a European trademark for Fallout 4, and that a mysterious website had appeared with a countdown, suggesting that an announcement in on the horizon. Now it looks like the website is teasing us even more as the countdown approaches reveal day.

There has been zero official confirmation that this is even a Fallout 4 website, but evidence stacks up pretty quick and while the site had Morse code on it before, the codes have now changed. Fans have worked hard and decoded the Morse code which says “CQ CQ CQ DE OZ SE AS”, if like my you’re not familiar with these codes, that translates to “Call Any Station, Calling Any Station, Calling Any Station, This is From OZ (Oscar Zulu), Please Wait.”

There was an odd quest in Fallout 3 that featured the Oscar Zulu radio station, but that’s about as much of a link between the series and the Morse code that we can think of.

There is also a Vault-tec logo from the series too, again linking it to the game, or should that be the soon to be announced game?

Either way, we can’t wait for a reveal of something here and with rumour that the game could be announced officially on December 7th at the VGX, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you Trusted Reviews for providing us with this information.

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One Response to “Fallout 4 Survivor 2299 Website Updated With More Mysterious Code”
  1. luke woodruff says:

    best viral marketing i’ve seen in a while. And it actually makes sense in relation to the game.

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