Fanless 3.5W TDP Intel Core Powered Tablets Coming This Year

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Intel are looking to make a bigger push into tablet hardware with the release of their Y-series processors from their Haswell product ranges. To do this Intel will be releasing a fan-less 3.5W TDP processor to keep the power and heat low enough to allow for passive cooling, but Intel doesn’t currently have anything like that in their range, the best TDP they have in their notebooks are the Core i7 3689Y and the Core i53439Y but they’re still too hot for fan-less designs.

What Intel plan to do is take their Y processor line, which typically runs at 13W and TDP 7 SDP (Scenario Design Power). By lowering the clock speeds they can get the TDP much lower, combine that with a throttle balance to keep the chip cooler and Intel could have a strong contender for Qualcomm and Nvidia, of course that is something that will have to  be seen in real world tests, but I doubt Intel would try this market if they didn’t think they could be competitive.

Products like the quad-core powered Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and the Nvidia Tegra 4 are already hugely popular and rightly so, they’re fantastic in terms of power usage and performance on many of today’s smart devices, so it will be interesting to see what Intel can offer up in this respect, although personally I still think Intel need to really beef up their integrated graphics solutions first.

The new Y based Haswell processors and the tablets that they will be powering are both scheduled for release in Q4 this year, so we won’t have long to wait to find out how they all perform.

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One Response to “Fanless 3.5W TDP Intel Core Powered Tablets Coming This Year”
  1. Wayne says:

    I’m glad Intel are joining the party in earnest now. In a couple of years they’ll probably be THE chip to have in your mobile device.

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