FBI’s iPhone Breaking Trick Might Leak Soon

/ 2 years ago

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Everyone’s already aware that the FBI has recently closed its court case against Apple because they figured how to break into the locked iPhone with the help of an undisclosed party. However, even though the FBI is trying to keep the cracking method a secret for obvious reasons, chances are that this critical information will leak soon, especially since the agency has offered to help other authorities that are facing similar issues with locked phones in criminal cases. If a court were to force the FBI to disclose this information, defense attorneys would cross-examine all of the experts involved in the process, and the flaw would eventually be exposed. In that case, Apple would immediately move to fix the vulnerability and would likely announce it to its customers.

Moreover, if the FBI would choose to use the method on phones belonging to living criminals, defense attorneys would have a very good excuse to pry and ask for specifics. Then there’s the possibility that the tool’s creators could sell it to another party, in which case the likelihood of it to leak might increase quite a bit. Apple’s experts have stated that “flaws of this nature have a pretty short life cycle,” which means that we’re likely to find out exactly how the FBI cracked that iPhone very soon.

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One Response to “FBI’s iPhone Breaking Trick Might Leak Soon”
  1. Rod O'Neal says:

    Apple would have been better off if they complied in the first place. No negative backlash from those who think they are putting themselves above National security and they could still claim that nobody, not even the FBI could get past their security. Now, everyone knows that the iphone has been cracked. So, it’s no longer secure.

    I can’t understand why a “digital lock” is any different than a physical lock as far as search warrants go. If the man has a warrant then you have to let him in. End of story.

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