FCC Warn: ISPs Will Sue Over Net Neutrality, Regardless

/ 3 years ago

Tom Wheeler

America’s ISPs will behave litigiously no matter what net neutrality laws are introduced, warns FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler. Wheeler told reporters that lawsuits are unavoidable, explaining why the FCC have been so cautious in their net neutrality contemplations.

He explained, “Look, the big dogs are going to sue, regardless of what comes out. We need to make sure we have sustainable rules. That starts with making sure we have addressed the multiplicity of issues that come along and are likely to be raised.”

He added, “I want to move forward on open-internet rules with dispatch. I also want to have open internet rules that are sustained. And that’s the process we’re going through.”

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Earlier this month, President Obama implored the FCC to implement the “strongest possible rules” to protect a free and open internet, suggesting that broadband be reclassified as a utility. In the wake of that, AT&T made outright threats of legal action against such a move, saying the same day, “if the FCC puts such rules in place, we would expect to participate in a legal challenge to such action.”. The FCC’s response was bullish, reminding the President that they were an independent body that makes its own decisions.

Source: The Guardian

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