FIDO, the Google-Backed Password Killer

/ 2 years ago

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Back in October, Google revealed a new USB key log-in system. The key, carrying a data fingerprint specific to the user, only replaced the standard authentication code, as part of Google’s two-step authentication, but it marks a significant step towards eschewing the typical username/password secure log-in.

On Tuesday, Google released version 1.0 of this system, called FIDO (or, Fast Identification Online). FIDO uses either a user’s fingerprint or PIN to create a unique data key that can be used to unlock the personal accounts.

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FIDO support so far is sparse – PayPal and Samsung were early adopters – but the official launch of version 1.0 should see a sharp growth in FIDO-compatible sites, apps, and devices.

Source: The Verge

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