Final Fantasy VII Is Now Available On Steam, Lets Revisit 1997 In Style!

/ 4 years ago


Square Enix Ltd has announced the Steam release of a new downloadable PC version of the popular role-playing adventure Final Fantasy VII at a celebratory price of €12.99 / £9.99 / $11.99.

Now on Steam, this version includes all of the features introduced last year in the Square Enix Store exclusive edition including a Character Booster that enables players to fully power up their character, optional cloud saves, and in-game achievements to encourage players to explore various facets of the game.

Released in 1997, Final Fantasy VII was critically acclaimed as the title that redefined the standard for role-playing games. Introducing the now infamous rivalry between Cloud and Sephiroth, it delivered an intricate and emotionally compelling storyline through cutting-edge pre-rendered cinematic cut-scenes, and set in a rich, diverse world. The game features an acclaimed collection of musical scores and intense 3D battles, and is regarded as one of the most significant entries in the Final Fantasy VII series, and one of the most innovative videogames of all time.

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Thank you FFVIIPC for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of FFVII Official Facebook.

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2 Responses to “Final Fantasy VII Is Now Available On Steam, Lets Revisit 1997 In Style!”
  1. Matthew Humpherson says:

    Wait more euros than dollars? WTF is the logic behind that…

  2. d6bmg says:

    I think, pricing is too high for a game THAT old.

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