First Fully 3D Printed Rifle Fired On YouTube

/ 4 years ago


Earlier today we brought you news that the German police had 3D printed some guns to test them, now we see just how dangerous a 3D printed weapon could be as someone creates a fully 3D printed rifle and then test fires it on YouTube.

Uploaded last Wednesday the user calls the video “The Grizzly”, the weapon was created using a 3D printer known as the Stratasys Dimension 1200es, it is said to use the same mainspring firing mechanism as the “Liberator”, widely regarded as the worlds first 3D printed gun.

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The user clamped the weapon in a work bench and pulled the trigger with a string (as 3D printed weapons are often said to explode), but the gun successfully fired the round non the less, although the detachable barrel did split down both sides and the receiver fractured from the force of the .22 bullet.


Thankyou Mashable for providing us with this information.

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