First Intel Core M-5Y70 Benchmarks Surfaced

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Intel has generously allowed the brand new Core M-5Y70 to be benchmarked during the 14th annual Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco. Intel brought the new 14 nm SoC chip along in a 12.5 inch sized tablet, that was naturally running Windows 8.1 as operating system.

The new Core M-5Y70 is a hyper-threaded dual core CPU, meaning that it has 4 threads in total. The base clock is only 1.1 GHz, but it can speed all the way up to 2600 MHz when the extra power is needed. The GPU is utilising the HD5300 iGPU with a base clock of 100 MHz and it can boost up to 850 MHz on turbo. The chip has 4 MB L3 cache and supports 1600 MHz DDR3 memory. It does all that at a barely mentionable 4.5 watt power draw.

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The new Intel M CPU did an amazing job in Cinebench, taking on rivals such as the AMD A10 6700T or Atom Z3770 without any trouble with a score of 2.48. The OpenGL test also shows impressive results of 16.98 fps.

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The Core M also shines in the 3DMark Ice Storm test, where it got 50.985 in the unlimited test, aimed at mobile devices. The Core M crushes this test completely and is unrivalled by any other Intel, AMD or ARM mobile chip. Intel claims it to be twice the power of the Qualcomm Xiaolong 800 series and it’s also beating their own previous generation with 50% more performance and 40% more graphics power.

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The SunSpider JavaScript Benchmark results, made in Internet Explorer, are beyond what many desktop computers can do and something Intel can be proud of. To give a comparison to the 142.8 ms this tablet achieved, my workstation A10 APU did the test in 209.6 ms. Okay, I had many other tabs open, but it still shows the power of this tiny chip.

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Intel have never really had any trouble with the performance of their mobile processors, but they have had some trouble with the power consumption. It looks like the new Core M series has fixed this last thing for Intel and I’m sure many people out there are eager to get their hands on the future devices powered by this chip.

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