First Look at Microsoft HoloLens

/ 3 years ago


There have been a few leaks and rumours kicking around about the final design of the Microsoft HoloLens, but now it seems Microsoft are keen to show off their new hardware, to a certain extent, at their Built2015 event.

There’s no firm details to nail down about this one just yet, but if this is set to be the final product, it’s certainly looking pretty cool. There’s a wrap-around headband to help hold it in place, while also providing extra room to store the inner workings and any batteries. Front the front, I can see there’s a dual-sensor setup on both the left and right side of the glasses, no doubt required to generate a 3D scan of your environment and render to the glasses accordingly.

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It am happy that the HoloLens looks futuristic and cool, I was worried that it would look clunky; not that it would hurt to slim down the size of the headband of course, but all in good time.

Screenshot_39 Screenshot_38 Screenshot_37

AR and VR technology is quickly showing a lot of promise, but it remains to be seen how many people will actually need or use one regularly, rather than how many people just want to buy one to play with for a bit. What about you, are you eager to get on the VR or AR bandwagon?

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