Fitbit Walks Off Apple’s Online Stores

/ 3 years ago


Fitbit’s fitness tracking device has been removed from Apple’s retail website, though is still currently available in Apple stores for the time being. This follows the removal of Fitbit’s Apps for Health from the App Store back in October.

The reasons for the move are thus far unclear, but speculation suggests it could be due to the device’s incompatibility with Apple’s HealthKit developers tool. A statement from Fitbit suggests the feud is set to continue, as they affirmed that, “We do not currently have plans to integrate with HealthKit… It is an interesting new platform and we will watch as it matures, looking for opportunities to improve the Fitbit experience. At the moment, we’re working on other exciting projects that we think will be valuable to users.”

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Fitibit have, however, suggested that their position may change if there is enough demand from Apple customers.

Source: CNET


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