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Five RPGs That Really Deserve a Remake/Remaster!


I can’t really narrow down which one of the Ultima games really needs to be brought back. However, I don’t think the series got better with age, despite my personal favourite being Ultima 9, as it’s one of the first PC RPGs I ever played… so I didn’t know how bloody flawed it was. That being said, the series had some great ideas, a loyal fan base, and a lot of potential. With a good dev team behind it and some fresh mechanics for the modern world, it could be huge again.

Chrono Trigger

I know this is like asking for the Bible to be re-written when it comes to RPG history. It’s a brilliant game right now, as is, on the SNES (or an Emulator). Any efforts to convert it to Android or modern systems have been a disaster. I say, give this one the same treatment we are seeing with Final Fantasy VII. I think this is a world in gaming that a new generation would absolutely love, and it would spark interest in the fantastic original once again.


This game is utterly unique, even more so for its generation. It was created by Tetsuya Takahashi as the story for Final Fantasy VII, but ended up becoming its own thing. So it’s basically Final Fantasy VII Plan A/B. While the game did see a fair few sequels, some quite recently too, it never really fulfilled its full vision. The original hasn’t aged well since the PS1 days though, and I think despite the Nintendo releases, it could be even better with a fresh start on the whole saga. Plus, introducing more gamers to the original Xenogears would never be a bad thing.

The Witcher

Yup, it may only be 11 years old, but The Witcher has not aged well at all. Sure, the sequel was a huge hit and a masterpiece, and the final part in the trilogy even more so. However, CD Projekt RED wasn’t the developing powerhouse they are today. The game has fantastic lore and a stunning take on the fantasy genre in general. However, a retooling of the game with more modern mechanics, clean up the graphics, and it would shine as brightly in the CD Projekt RED crown as their two sequels.


What can I say, this is by far my most loved Elder Scrolls game. Sure, Skyrim gets a lot of the glory, but when it comes down to it, Oblivion had both a better story and more exciting quests. The side quests were brilliant, unlike Skyrims “go to this thing and kill some Draugr” system. You could argue that Morrowind was even more creative at times too. The modders out there have done so much to improve the game, but there are limits to what can be done. Starting again and refreshing the world would be a dream come true for me. If anything, the release of Elder Scrolls Online showed us how brilliant this one could be (again).

What Did We Miss?

Of course, we missed about a hundred freaking games! There’s no shortage of classic games we would love to see brought back to life in one way or another. Get in those comments though, let us know what you think and we may run a part two to this feature. I was also going to see Ni No Kuni, but what do you know, they ARE remastering that right now. I’m so happy!

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Peter Donnell @Xavilend

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