Five Things You Didn’t Know About Google Photos

/ 3 years ago


With the launch of Google Photos, Google’s free unlimited storage service for high-quality photos and videos. Many have focused on the free and unlimited factor, whereas there are other cool features which add to its brilliance.

1. Photo Search: This one’s a no-brainer though, let’s go into the details. You can search via the usual suspects date, title, location. Though this is where it gets interesting Google Photos lets you search via the content in your photos. For example your kid’s photo has a lot of stuffed animals, a “toys” search would bring them up as search results.

2. Location tagging: EXIF data the blueprint for our photos, has all you’d need to determine location though what do you do when geotag data’s missing or that trip down memory lane comes to a halt? Google Photos not only scans EXIF data it analyses image content effectively finding a location via landmarks.

3. One-click export: Unlimited storage’s great though we’d all sleep better having a back up on our home or work machine. Google Takeout makes export a breeze one click and all your Google Photos content can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop or tablet.

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4.Auto-delete of local copies: The Google Photos app can be configured to upload photos once taken and also deleting uploaded photos off your smartphone effectively freeing up space.

5.There’s a paid option: For most of us who hate the effects of compression, Google offers a paid version this maintains the quality of our photos and videos. The plans are 15GB for the free service, $2 per month for 100GB of storage and $10 per month for 1TB of storage.

Liking that $10 per month option doesn’t break the bank, though think they’ll need to increase storage capacity or have customized plans for professionals, 4K videos aren’t what you’d call small it’d fill 1TB in a couple months.

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