Flickr Now Offer 1TB Free Storage

/ 5 years ago


Flickr has just beaten their competition into the dust, expanding their file service to now offer users a staggering 1 Terabyte of image storage which is more than enough for any hipster to share a life time of high definition images of their dinner a few times over.

Not only have they improved their overall capacity per user, but this will go will with their full resolution photo storage, allowing for the biggest and best looking images online, far superior to Facebooks image uploader and still even better than that of Google+, which also knocks Facebook in terms of image quality.

Of course this is a made up number, it has to be as a massive percentage of users will never ever hit that 1 Terabyte limit, it’s just a marketing buzz world for being able to store a crazy amount of images without worrying about file space, something that is going to be a big temptation for photographers who want to share their work in large file formats.

Even Facebook and Google have their limits, be that on file size or capacity, although they don’t tell you as such, likely because no one will ever hit it but needless to say there are some restrictions on image quality in place that keep things in check and with Flickr all but doing away with compression and storage issues for the end user, they’ve got a tempting product on offer that should attract back more than a few users to the service.

If this doesn’t work for Yahoo and bring more people back to the service, then I’m not sure what will.

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One Response to “Flickr Now Offer 1TB Free Storage”
  1. Wayne says:

    That’s all well & good but what’s the damage?

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