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Flight Simulator X vs Flight Simulator 2020 Comparison Video Released

Every damn day I look at the news and I see yet another bunch of Flight Simulator 2020 screenshots and drool over them. Every now and then, I even write about those images here on eTeknix, but honestly, it’s so common now I try to dial it back. Today I’ll make an exception though, as YouTube channel “Flight Sim” has made a rather incredible comparison video.

Flight Simulator X vs Flight Simulator 2020

Keep in mind that Flight Simulator X came out in 2006, back then we have the Nvidia GeForce 7950 GX2, the ATI Radeon X1900, the GeForce 7900 GTX SLI. Yup, it was THAT long ago. The game was breath-taking to look at and play back then, but the comparison video below shows you how far we’ve come.

System Requirements

Just for fun, here are the Flight Simulator X recommended System Requirements:

  • CPU: Pentium 4/Athlon XP or better
  • CPU SPEED: 2.4 GHz
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • OS: Windows XP
  • VIDEO CARD: 256 MB 100% DirectX 9.0c video card (NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better)
  • 3D: Yes
  • DVD-ROM: Yes

Flight Simulator 2020 System Requirements are obviously a lot higher and modern. The word DVD-ROM doesn’t even get a look in here.


  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, or Intel i5-8400
  • GPU: Radeon RX 590, or Nvidia GTX 970
  • VRAM: 4 GB
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • HDD: 150 GB
  • Internetspeed: 20 Mbps (2.5 MB/s)

Ideal Requirements

  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X, or Intel i7-9800X
  • GPU: Radeon VII, or Nvidia RTX 2080
  • VRAM: 8 GB
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • HDD: 150 GB SSD
  • Internetspeed: 50 Mbps (6.3 MB/s)

Airport Scenery FSX vs. FS2020 | Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

How to Play

The game still isn’t out, but there is an insider program and lots of people actively testing the game. We expect it to launch at some point this yup, but either way, it looks like it’ll be worth the wait. Follow the release and insider program here.

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