FM2+ Socket Is Here For At Least Another Two Years

/ 3 years ago


It is hardly uncommon knowledge that AMD like to get as much use out of their sockets as possible, and their latest FM2+ socket looks set to stick with us until at least 2016 without any major changes. Their newer desktop and APU processors rely on this socket and it’s great news that AMD don’t chop and change their socket types very often, as it means you can get extended use out of your motherboard, while still enjoying the benefits of upgrading your CPU/APU each year.

Yet even for AMD the delay on upgrading from FM2+ stands out a little more than most and it is being attributed to things such as DDR4 memory proliferation and AMD’s “project Fast-Forward” which aims to put high-bandwidth memory right into the APU die, something that should help their integrated APU graphics hardware get past memory bottlenecks, but something we likely won’t see now until 2016 and beyond, once DDR4 prices fall.

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AMD’s Carrizo APU is set to use FM2+ and will be targeted at low-TDP devices such as notebooks and tablets, which will feature their next-gen Excavator micro-architecture, so it looks like FM2+ is here to stay, what comes next is anyone’s guess.

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