Forget Google Glass – You Need Flass

/ 5 years ago


All we’ve been hearing about lately is Google Glass, but a guy from down under has invented his own clone; codenamed Flass. The name derives from the two words “fake” and “glass” making Flass, and is powered by a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with TV out capabilities. Also is a Bluetooth keyboard and earpiece giving the user complete control over the functions of flass.


Since its initial idea, it has moved on with production from Flass 1.0 to 4.0, changing from different models of phone and different frames, but we believe this is a low-cost option for those not wanting to fork out the hefty price tag for the official Google Glass.

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Now we know that if this was Apple, then the creator would most likely be in court right now fighting patent laws, but as its Google we can see them embracing his creativity and most likely offering him a job. It’s not the first time it’s happened with Google.

Jokes aside, we think that Ash Williams is on to something here, and fully embrace what he’s done.

A lot more can be found over on forums, so be sure to check it out here.

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One Response to “Forget Google Glass – You Need Flass”
  1. Sure it’s a little rough around the edges but after a little refinement it’ll be a good substitute for Google Glass. Just goes to show how these big corporations rip us off.

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