Forget About Smart Watches, it’s all About the Smart Belt

/ 3 years ago

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It’s CES 2015 this week (in case you didn’t know) and there’s a whole manner of new ‘smart’ devices being unveiled. From the usual phones and now smart TVs,  to the increasingly common smart watches, there’s a whole lot of ‘smart’ going on in Las Vegas. One thing we didn’t see coming though, was smart belts.

Yes, a new belt that goes by the name of ‘Belty’ is the world’s first smart belt. I’m sure we’ve all had the experience of finding a belt just fine while standing up, but perhaps a little too tight when we sit down. Well, Belty aims to solve that by adjusting itself dependent on your position, utilizing some motors to tighten or loosen its grip on your waist.

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The belt connects to a smartphone app and allows you to control the amount of tightening and loosening, allowing you to adjust it for moments like when you just ate a big meal for example. The belt and its companion app is really quite clever though, in that it can learn just how much loosening or tightening is required for whichever scenario it may face. It also carries a pedometer too.

The belt is currently a prototype, but will be manufactured by French company Emiota with the hope of it being released later this year.

Source: Gizmodo

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One Response to “Forget About Smart Watches, it’s all About the Smart Belt”
  1. 12John34 says:

    I am waiting for the smart socks.

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