Former NASA Technician Wants to Build 70ft Tall Car Juggling Robot

/ 3 years ago

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While we’re still a long way from having robots like those seen in the Transformers movie, partly because they’re actually aliens and also because something like that is just too advanced for us to create with modern technology, we can still have fun with other kinds of giant robots. Dan Granett, a former technician at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (see: Crazy rocket scientist) wants to build a 70 foot tall car jugging robot called the Bugjuggler.

While only a concept at the moment, the team behind it are trying to secure the required £2.3 million budget needed to construct this behemoth. If constructed, the Bugjuggler will be a stick-man like robot with two giant legs and robotic arms, capable of throwing and catching 1800 pound Volkswagen Beetle cars. Cooler than that, it will be a puppet robot, controlled by a person wearing computerized gloves that simulate what the robot is holding in realtime, allowing someone to use the robot to juggle cars.

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It’s certainly a step up from TruckZilla the car eating, fire breathing robot, but I can certainly see the two robots becoming great friends. Perhaps one can throw the cars, the other can set fire to them. Sounds like a pretty awesome show to me!

Thank you The Verge for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of The Verge.

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