Free Toilet Paper Or Inexpensive Advertising Star Toilet Paper Has Your Behind

/ 5 years ago


Tired of paying for toilet paper, I sure am, that is why I am always looking for a deal or coupons for toilet paper, after all it just goes down the toilet with the other waste!

We use toilet paper for many different things, from packing material, cleaning eyeglasses, nose care, removing make-up, to cover the toilet seat, and of course the most common use to wipe our hineys! How many rolls of TP do you use each day? I have seen a single person use an entire roll in one day, just on their nose. While I have seen others who have used up entire rolls in the bathroom. What would you do if you could get your TP for FREE? I would get the free TP, but that is me, I of course would prefer the soft multi-ply TP, though anything will do.

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Star Toilet Paper is a great way to keep consumers looking at their advertisements, since customers will likely be stuck in some stinky situations with only the TP to read. Though there are likely to be some awesome coupons, and even some cool QR codes for those of you with smart phones. At the same time, if you have a venue, you could have the opportunity to get the FREE toilet paper! So if you are looking for a new way to advertise, or if you’re looking to keep costs down, check out their website.

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Image courtesy of Star Toilet Paper.

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3 Responses to “Free Toilet Paper Or Inexpensive Advertising Star Toilet Paper Has Your Behind”
  1. Bryan Silverman says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, Shane! – Bryan Silverman, Co-Founder Star Toilet Paper

  2. Wayne says:

    What about people (and there are lots of them) who have no regard for anyone’s property, who’ll unroll the entire toilet roll just to scoff at or tear off the redeemable ad coupons, then leave the whole mess lying about on the (wet) floor?
    What about the next person who really needs to use the bathroom and toilet paper only to discover there’s none left thanks to the previous persons selfishness and disrespect of other peoples property.

    • Jason Philip Smith says:

      lol. Bag the mess with some alcohol, go over to their house, take a dump on their throne, shove that bag in there and light that s**t up. Maybe wipe your bum with the flush handle just cause, then stroll on over to Star Toilet Paper’s site and enjoy your next roll in peace.

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