Futuremark releases Powermark battery life test for Windows 7 mobile devices

/ 6 years ago

Futuremark make lots of well known PC benchmarks such as 3D Mark 11 and PC Mark 7 but they are expanding their horizons by moving into pastures new. The concept of battery life among mobile devices is very important, it is very difficult particularly when buying say a new laptop or tablet to determine what the realistic battery life is going to be. Especially given the fact manufacturer estimates can often grossly overestimate battery life and don’t take into consideration realistic usage when calculating their figures.

Futuremark has developed a benchmark called Powermark so not really any surprises there in terms of naming strategies (although Batterymark would have been equally as predictable). Powermark is designed to test system power consumption figures and system battery life figures. Currently this program will only work on Windows 7 devices, x64 based systems are out of luck, so this is mainly aimed at Notebooks, laptops and Windows 7 tablets. The program is also only available to business customers at this moment in time but it seems likely that Futuremark will open Powermark up to the consumer market in the near future as demand for such software is likely to be high. The current cost stands at $200 for 10 activation keys, so $20 a key.

For more information you can visit this page.

Source: Press Release