Galaxy Unleash GTX 780 Hall Of Fame Edition

/ 5 years ago

Galaxy_GTX780HOF_1Galaxy’s GTX 780 Hall of Fame Edition is one of most anticipated cards of the year from the green team. It features a factory overclock to 1006/1058 MHz base/boost up from stock 863/900 MHz meaning it has nearly 20% more frequency allowing it to match the GTX Titan in many scenarios. The cooling solution is provided by dual 90mm fans and a HVCP (hybrid vapor chamber heat pipe) design. The outer case is made from a combination of fire-resistant polycarbonate, anodized metal, and die-cast aluminium alloy. Galaxy_GTX780HOF_2

The custom white PCB uses a CHiL CHL8318 VR11.1 compliant digital PWM controller and an IR3550 PowrIRstage DrMOS 4.0 compliant chipset. The customised 8+2 phase VRM has 90% efficiency and is capable of delivery up to 480 amps to the GPU – way more than it could ever need. Other additions include high quality POSCAP capacitors and high current Coiltronics inductors. The PCB uses a 10 layer design for optimum signal routing.Galaxy_GTX780HOF_3

Finally there is a “Hyper Boost” button which acts as a “hardware supercharger” that engages special internal circuity and optimisations to increase core clocks by 8% beyond what GPU Boost 2.0 could or custom user overclocks.

Pricing and availability on this card is TBA but expect it to be available in limited quantities and priced to reflect that fact.

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One Response to “Galaxy Unleash GTX 780 Hall Of Fame Edition”
  1. Wayne says:

    It does look snazzy. I’m a bit worried about the use of fire resistant materials though, how hot do they expect it to run? It doesn’t say much for their cooling solutions effectiveness although I suspect this to be a marketing gimmick in order to charge even more for it.

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