Gamdias HEBE M1 RGB Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts


The Gamdias HEBE M1 is available from Amazon for £77.69, which is fairly reasonable given this is a large headset, it’s got a good range of features, and virtual 7.1 surround thanks to its built-in USB soundcard. It’s around the same price as similar spec headsets from Corsair, Razer, Turtle Beach and a few others.


There’s a lot to love about this headset, and while it does have a few minor issues, few headsets in the sub £100 category come out clean under closer inspection. Let’s get the rough stuff out of the way first, and move on from there.

The headset is pretty rigid, which in its self is not a bad thing, it’s tough, durable and certainly well made overall. However, it could do with a little more ergonomic adjustments for the ear cups, they don’t have any degree of rotation, and adding that could help ensure a more comfortable fit for some users, as well as allow you to comfortably wear the headset around your neck between games.

The vibration drivers do what they say on the box, adding a big of a bone shaker to big explosions. My son (he’s 10-years-old) absolutely loves it but 32-year-old me things it’s a pointless gimmick. The headset doesn’t need this feature, but at least it’s easily turned on/off should you feel one way or the other.

Finally, the in-line controller looks bulky and cheap. It works just fine, it’s made fairly well, but it looks pretty dull compared to the nicely designed headset and could be improved.

Overall, this is a great sounding headset with very powerful drivers that give a great sound no matter what you throw at them. Add to that a good quality microphone, and you’re set for many hours of online gaming. The virtual surround features work very well too, and the USB soundcard of the headset is no slouch in terms of performance. With those oversized and very well-padded ear cups, as well as the auto adjusting headband, it’s easy to settle down for a long gaming session with the HEBE M1.


  • Durable build quality
  • Unique design
  • RGB lighting
  • Auto-adjusting headband
  • Thick ear cup padding
  • USB soundcard built-in
  • Virtual 7.1
  • Powerful drivers and loud maximum volume


  • Ear cups could do with even just a little bit of swivel adjustment


  • In-line controller aesthetics could be improved
  • Vibrational drivers are fun for about 30 seconds, but that’s pretty subjective

Gamdias HEBE M1 RGB Gaming Headset Review

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