GAME & STA Travel Launch £5,500 World Tour Gaming Holiday Package

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The temptation of a round the world trip is a big dead and if you have a love for gaming, as well as a spare £5,500 in your bank account, then you can combine it all with the new Epic Gaming Adventure package.

For gaming fans, there is no better holiday and while it isn’t cheap you do get a lot for your money. The Epic Gaming Adventure package spans three continents, eight different countries and takes place over four weeks! Which is a pretty huge holiday by any measure.

You’ll visit the birthplace of gaming, as well as many beautiful locations around the world that have been the inspiration for many major games of the last few decades. Starting with a trip to the home of Rockstar North, Edinburgh, you would then move on to Londons Loading Bar, Phuket in Thailand for a visit to Phang Nga Bay and the Ko Tapu islands. The trip will then see you headoff to Seoul in South Korea, home of the huge eSports Stadium, Tokyo in Japan to visit Konami’s headquarters as well as the legendary Taito Station arcade. You’ll then be flown out to Los Angeles to visit the landmarks that inspired games like Grand Theft Auto’s Los Santos, San Francisco, New Hampshire, New York City and even Bandera County in Texas.

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In short, you get to go to some of the most incredible cities and locations around the world, see loads of awesome stuff and have what could be the coolest month you’ll ever have in your life. Suddenly £5,500 per ticket sounds like a pretty awesome bargain!

So who wants a ticket? I know I do!

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