Games With Gold Becomes A Permanent Fixture On Xbox Live

/ 4 years ago


Games With Gold has proven a great success for Microsoft, it’s their (someone weak) attempt to compete with PlayStation Plus and while I still think that Sony are giving the better deal (more games for less money), I can’t complain at Microsoft for making the effort and giving out some free content.

When it started back in July, Xbox fans rejoiced that they would be getting some free content, but the quality of that content hasn’t been quite premium and many offerings have been older or less expensive titles, something we hope to see improve as Microsoft build up interest and support for the promotion. This month you can download both Halo 3 and Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes.

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There is no word on next-gen games with gold, but with Sony already offerings titles across all their current platforms and next-gen for free via PlayStation Plus, it is clear that Microsoft are going to have to play catch up and Games With Gold becoming a permanent fixture is just the first step in doing so.

Thank you Geeky Gadgets for providing us with this information.

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