Gaming Deal of the Day – Pandemonium!

/ 5 years ago

Another classic for today’s gaming deal of the day, the fun loving side scrolling game Pandemonium, released was back in 1997 this is a great example of classic side scrolling action games.

What’s cool about it:

  • Play as two different characters: the acrobatic double-jumping Nikki or the crazy puppet-carrying jester Fargus.
  • Tons of variety! Shape-change from a bulldozing rhino into a fire-breathing dragon.
  • Pandemonium! is a fast-paced 3D platformer with a freestyle camera that showcases the huge and brilliantly detailed worlds.


Nothing is worse than the fallout from a powerful magic spell that’s been cast incorrectly. Unfortunately for Nikki, she gets to see the side effects of magic gone awry while attending a “Wizards in Training” seminar. Giant monsters, summoned by the spell, swallow her entire town. Now, Nikki and her three friends must make a journey to the Wishing Engine and be granted a wish to return everything back to normal.

Pandemonium! is a crazy action platformer that features the acrobatic duo of Nikki and Fargus. Nikki is a wizard’s protege with amazing double-jump and somersaulting abilities that propel her to different platforms while avoiding treacherous obstacles in her path; Fargus is a jester with an unusual spinning attack move that enables him to eliminate his enemies. Together, Nikki, Fargus (and his sidekick Sid the puppet!) create total Pandemonium!


You can pick up Pandemonium! on for only $5.99

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