“GayStation Edition” PlayStation 4 Auctioned off $4,126

/ 3 years ago


Swedish Retailer Webhallen put up a unique listing this week, offering a “GayStation Edition” PlayStation 4 console via online auction site Tradera in celebration of Stockholm Pride Week.

The console is still a stock PlayStation 4 500GB console underneath, and comes bundled with four games much like any other console bundle, but of course there is one thing that really stands out about it, that fancy rainbow-coloured paint job and pixel art heart on the top.

The auction raised 28,300 Swedish Krona (around $4,126) and all proceeds are said to be heading for the Swedish LGBTQ-rights organization RFSL.

“To a lot of youths, gaming is a helping hand to escape from abuse or worse in the real world.

We at Webhallen are gamers in our hearts and souls, wanting everyone to be apart of the worlds fastest growing hobby, computer and video games.”

The twist here being that “Gaystation” is often used a slur against the group, but this auction has acted as a way of using the slur for good, and it certainly seems to have worked.

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Thank you DualShockers for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of DualShockers.

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One Response to ““GayStation Edition” PlayStation 4 Auctioned off $4,126”
  1. AndyM says:

    Actually a pretty sweet looking skin for the PS4. I certainly wouldn’t mind one. It would bring a bit of colour to the room instead of a bland black box!

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