GDDR6 VRAM Prices Have Dropped, Will We See Cheaper GPUs?

Due to lowering demand for graphics cards, GDDR6 VRAM prices have plummeted raising the question of whether these lower prices will be reflected in GPUs.

GDDR6 Prices At Their Lowest

As reported by Tomshardware prices for an 8GB IC of GDDR6 memory have dropped to $3.364 which is roughly $27 on the spot market which manufacturers rarely use. According to data from, These low prices have been dropping trend since February 2022 making us question why we aren’t seeing more VRAM on graphics cards amid the debates surrounding whether 8GB is enough. It is likely down to the costs that we as consumers don’t see more so involving the manufacturing processes and bill-of-materials, especially with the complexity of having memory chips on both sides of the PCB. Despite this though it’s still possible we will see some price drops on the 4060 Ti and RX 7600 especially as they likely aren’t selling so well with a generally negative consumer response.

We do have the 16GB 4060 Ti arriving next month so it’s a step in the right direction for NVIDIA that will hopefully lead to higher VRAM options on the low and mid-range cards of the next generation which is likely to be using GDDR7.

Jakob Aylesbury

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