Gears of War 4 Gets New Maps and Multi-GPU Support for Windows 10

/ 11 months ago

Gears of War 4 May Update Brings New Maps and Multi-GPU Support for Windows 10

The May update for Gears of War 4 is launching on May 2, and with it comes two maps, multi-GPU support for Windows 10 and a new character.

The first map is called ‘Dawn’ and is set in a stunning outsider village built around an abandoned mining colony. Its design combines tight corridors of combat with open spaces, relying on users’ ability to choose the right weapon for the situation to master. The fight will be centered around the vital Dropshot spawn surrounded by both high and low flanks.

The other ‘new’ map is called Security, which is a remastered map from Gears of War 2. In the update however, the lasers have been changed from the original, now activated in Horde instead of disabled when pressed. Updates on the map also include incorporating Gears of War 4’s close cover combat system and proper support for respawn-based modes like Team Deathmatch.

More importantly for PC gamers with multiple videocards, official support has been added on Windows 10 for AMD Crossfire or NVIDIA SLI setups, providing up to 80% boost in rendering performance after the update. It requires NVIDIA GeForce driver version 381.89 (released 4/25/2017) and AMD Radeon drivers 17.4.4 (released 4/25/2017) to work properly.

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