Rumour: Geforce GTX 780 Arriving May 23rd

/ 5 years ago


Nvidia is working towards the release date of the GTX 7xx range and while we have already seen multiple leaks over the last couple of weeks, there are still a few details that need to be nailed down, most of which involve exact release dates and prices.

Word has it that the GK110 Titan chip powered GTX 780 is set to release on May 23rd, unfortunately this will only be a reference card so various partners will be doing nothing more than putting their own sticker on the back and a warranty. There will be non reference and overclocked cards soon though and you can likely expect them a few weeks later, but if your holding out for a non stock card you can expect to pay a premium for them.

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It’s possible that some vendors could introduce their own coolers after the initial reference card run, although I’m not sure what they would use given that the GTX 780 will use the same cooler as the GTX  Titan, a cooler that is already an incredibly efficient and stylish design that will likely only be improved by water cooling.

You can expect the cards to cost around 500 euros for the reference design, with prices around 20% higher for the following overclocked and non reference designs, but as soon as we have official nailed down prices from the vendors we’ll be sure to update you.

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6 Responses to “Rumour: Geforce GTX 780 Arriving May 23rd”
  1. Wayne says:

    To hell with release dates and reference models. They should be more concerned with pricing as in ‘it’s way too overpriced’. What’s wrong with nVidia? Have they fallen under Apple’s influence?

    • d6bmg says:

      Reason for being overpiced?? No competition from AMD.

      • Wayne says:

        Not yet. But when it comes nVidia won’t reduce their price because AMD will only charge a few bob less for their part.

        • d6bmg says:

          Yeah. But think, why AMD didn’t reduce the price and gradually increasing the GPU pricing. Cause, nvidia is giving them the scope to increase the pricing of their products.

          • Wayne says:

            I think I understand what you’re trying to say.
            Companies will keep on increasing prices while the consumer meekly cough’s up what they demand.
            Thank heavens I don’t have to pay for most computer tech goodies but this practice is not limited to the hi-tech industry only, it applies to all consumable commodities. As the say, the rich get richer & the poor get poorer. It’s only one of the nasty sides of human nature.

  2. d6bmg says:

    Overpriced, because it’s a reference model.
    But as we all know it doesn’t matter as the launch price tends to be very high all the time..

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