GeIL Outlines Company’s Product History at CES 2017

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GeIL Outlines Company's Product History at CES 2017

Rather impressively, GeIL dedicated part of their booth to discuss the company’s history and innovations in the memory market over time. Way back in 2002, GEIL introduced DDR 333 overclocking memory modules before launching DDR 400 kits a year later. During 2003, the company developed the world’s first DDR 500 overclocking kit which was groundbreaking at the time! In 2004, GeIL didn’t show any signs of slowing down and created the world’s first DDR 533 overclocking modules as well as memory specifically tailored for MAC computers. The next step occurred in 2005 and GeIL engineered the world’s first DDR2 800 DIMMs and became ranked as the 7th best-selling memory brand.

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Jumping forward to 2008, GeIL created the world’s first DDR3 triple-channel memory and Die-hard Burn-In Technology to proficiently test each module’s stability to a higher standard. Between 2009-2012, GeIL compiled the world’s first Green Series memory with eco-friendly qualities and a fully-automatic IC tester, Dyna3 SLT. During 2014-2016, GeIL enhanced the IC tester with Dyna4 SLT and manufactured the world’s first RGB memory modules. As you can see, GeIL deserves a lot of respect for pushing the technological boundaries to new heights in the memory market. Perhaps my favourite creation over the years is the Golden Dragon PC4000 500MHz which came in a gorgeous package and employed a gold theme:


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