Germany May Switch to Using Typewriters in a Bid to Stop US Spys

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It seems like German and US relations are being stretched even further recently, with the NSA scandal showing no signs of dissipating any time soon, German politicians are now considering using typewriters to write up confidential documents in a bid to stop spying from the NSA.

By going low-tech the German government hope to throw a spanner in the works for any digital spy efforts. The joys of a physical and manually printed piece of paper mean that the only way you’ll get to see it, is to have it in your hands… or through a pretty awesome telescope / CCTV set up, but this isn’t James Bond movie.

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Chair of the German Parliament, Patrick Sensberg suggested that committee members consider ditching e-mail in favor of typewriters. “As a matter of fact, we already have [a typewriter], and it’s even a non-electronic typewriter” he said when speaking with ARD Morning Show Monday. When asked if it was a joke, the Sensburg Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Part responded “yes, no joke”.

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