Get Paid up to $13k to Poop?

/ 3 years ago


You read that right, a non-profit company called OpenBiome is paying for your stools. The company will use your provided samples to create lifesaving treatments for those infected with “Clostridium difficile”. C. difficile results in severe diarrhoea, which hospitalised approximately 250,000 people in the USA alone and results in the fatalities of approximately 14,000 This disease is highly resistant to antibiotics; mainly affecting those who have been using antibiotics for a prolonged period of time; resulting in the natural gut micro-bacteria to be wiped out and standard probiotics to be nearly ineffective .

The process is for you, the pooer, to send your sample, frozen or fresh, to the company; which would then be sent to the patients hospitial and phased in through a fecal transplant. Previously only fresh samples were used, which doctors have stated wasn’t pleasant at all. The newest method, using frozen samples, allows small capsules to be placed into the body and allowed to thaw in the small intestine. When compared to traditional methods; this new method is 90% effective.


So now the payment part, the offer is $40 per sample and a bonus of $50 if you supply 5 samples in a week, resulting in a tasty, albeit smelly, $13k a year.

Interested in helping? Give OpenBiome‘s website a look for more information.

Source: IFLScience


3 Responses to “Get Paid up to $13k to Poop?”
  1. Rideout89 says:

    It should also be mentioned that OpenBiome “can only work with donors who work or live near Medford, Massachusetts.” That’s kind of important; don’t you think?

  2. Guest says:

    And I was think to ship my shit all across the continent.

  3. Jonathan Vazquez Duran says:

    And I was thinking of shipping my shit across all the country.

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