Giant 3D Printer Capable of Printing Cars

/ 3 years ago

strati 3d printed car

Oak Ridge and Cincinnati Incorporated have worked together to create a living room sized 3D printer, which is also the worlds first large-scale 3D printer that’s capable of working with polymers. To demonstrate the capabilities of their new mega-sized device, the teams behind it have been 3D printing cars; everything from the seats, bumpers and body were all printed, with the exception of the motor, suspension and tires which were all made conventionally.

While they have intentions of selling their finished cars, their real goal is to commercialize the printer. The company have sold two already and they hope they’ll make it into the industrial industry as a way of printing large parts for cars, aircrafts, appliances, robots and a whole lot more. Given that the machine is ten times bigger than any other industrial 3D polymer printer, we suspect that it’s going to be fairly popular, at least with those who have room to install one.

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Check out the Vine video below which shows part of the cars’ chassis being printed.

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One Response to “Giant 3D Printer Capable of Printing Cars”
  1. Wayne says:

    Next thing we’ll hear about is that somebody has managed to 3d print a fully functional full size oil supertanker and it’s up for sale to the highest bidder.

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