Gigabyte crack 3DMark Vantage P10000 barrier with Trinity APU

/ 5 years ago

Gigabyte has been putting AMD’s new Trinity APU through its paces. Interestingly enough they actually benched the APU with a 3DMark Vantage test instead of just grabbing some CPU-Z and GPU-Z validations before blue-screening.

Gigabyte put the A10-5800K APU flagship through its paces both in terms of the GPU and CPU. Using LN2 cooling the Gigabyte overclocking team managed 5.2GHz on the CPU, up from stock speeds of 3.8GHz, and they hit 1591MHz on the GPU, up from 800MHz stock.

This massive overclocking boost helped the A10-5800K smash through the P10000 barrier on 3DMark Vantage. At stock clocks the A10-5800K is 33% better than the A8-3870K in terms of gaming performance. Whilst the “super-overclocked” LN2 testing Gigabyte conducted reaped 137% better performance than the stock A8-3870K.

All things said, we know this isn’t realistic usage scenario, but it does go to show the new Trinity “K” (unlocked) APUs will be very good overclockers and should allow the consumer to get some awesome bang-for-buck gaming performance from the Trinity platform.


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