Gigabyte push SkyVision WS100 Wireless HD Sync Device

/ 5 years ago

Gigabyte are split into several divisions within the company and one department deal with some pretty nifty devices, such as the SkyVision WS100 which says goodbyte to HDMI wires and hello to HDMI over wireless.

Gigabyte have developed a product to make the consumers life more convenient and easy and they hope to do this with the WS100 device. The device can easily transmit both HD video and audio to your television device from any HDMI ready product including console, freeview box, computer and much more.

The functionality of the WS100 includes clone and extend mode depending on your use and of course preference.

The device comes in two parts (the receiver and transmitter) and is 100% plus and play with no installation of drivers or software needed by the user.

We originally saw this item before us at Computex, Taipei in June of this year and even then we were impressed when Gigabyte showed us what it was all about, especially as we’d reviewed similar products in the past from the likes of Edimax and other brands.

More information can be found on the device here but we highly suggest checking out our very own review of the device when we looked at it in a world exclusive back in July. You can find the full, extensive review on this product here.

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