Gigabyte Reveal 4GB GTX 770 3X OC WindForce Graphics Card

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GTX 770’s have been out for quite some time now and if you haven’t checked out our review of the GTX 770 then we encourage you to do so here. Furthermore we also took a look at Gigabyte’s WindForce cooled OC GTX 770 graphics card here, though that was the 2GB variant. Today Gigabyte have revealed the 4GB version of the same graphics card. This graphics card is going to be filling the gap between the GTX 770 and GTX 780 in terms of offering slightly less GPU horsepower but offering more capability in terms of multi-monitor systems.

The GTX 770 WindForce 3X OC 4GB graphics card is based on a totally custom designed PCB by Gigabyte. It features clocks of 1137/1189/7010MHz of core clock, boost clock and memory clock respectively. This is up from the 1046/1085/7010 provided by the reference Nvidia configuration. The provided cooler is capable of up to 450W of TDP meaning it is suitable for further overclocking should you so desire, it features three 80mm fans and six copper heat pipes. There is 4GB of GDDR5 across a 256 bit interface and this produces 224 GB/s of memory bandwidth. There are sixteen 2Gbit memory chips to make the 4GB of GDDR5, this means they have to be placed on the rear of the PCB too but they feature no backplate or cooling.

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Gigabyte is expected to price this card in the region of $500 USD.

Image courtesy of Gigabyte

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3 Responses to “Gigabyte Reveal 4GB GTX 770 3X OC WindForce Graphics Card”
  1. Dragos Popescu says:

    their new overclocked GTX680 painted 770

  2. d6bmg says:

    Specification wise it looks like a pretty solid card.

  3. Wayne says:

    Nice card. I use one of these (albeit in 2GB guise) on a single 1080p 24″ monitor. It’s overkill I know but seeing it was gifted to me, who am I to complain? I still don’t like the looks of the cooler (although it is growing on me, but so do warts) but it is effective and I can’t see it in my case anyway.

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