Gigabyte Show Off GTX Titan With WindForce 3X Cooling Solution

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When Nvidia released its GTX Titan we weren’t surprised to see that it came with the sophisticated and expensive reference Nvidia cooling solution similar to the one found on the GTX 690. This cooling solutions feature a solid metal shroud, perspex window over the heatsink and vapour chamber. However, the GTX Titan was different to the GTX 690 in that Nvidia was willing to allow AIB partners to come up with their own cooling solutions. Nvidia clearly put a time delay on these custom solutions because we haven’t actually seen any custom cooled solutions from Nvidia’s AIB partners yet. This is probably due to Nvidia wanting to shift its own GTX Titan inventory before it lets its AIB partners (Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI, etc) flood the market with theirs.


That said, it looks like those custom cooled solutions are finally coming to market now. As you can see from this picture, which eTeknix obtained from attending a Gigabyte press event, Gigabyte has prepared a Windforce 3X variant of the GTX Titan. The Windforce cooler is a very well known custom cooling solution found on most high-end Gigabyte graphics cards and it is recognised for its excellent performance and quiet acoustics. The 3X denotes that this particular model uses three fans, most likely 80 or 90mm fans – it is difficult to tell from the image. We can also see it boasts two dense aluminium heatsink stacks and  copper heatpipes making direct contact with the GK110 GPU.

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Gigabyte have opted for the stock black PCB and no backplate. Other information about the Gigabyte GTX Titan Windforce 3X graphics card is unknown but you can probably expect to see a healthy overclock and a pricepoint that is about $50 or £35 higher than the reference model.

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  1. I Got the GTX 680 WindForce very nice But I!! Don’t want a TITAN looking like a WindForce and why no back plate! If u going to make it a WindForce make it look GOOD!! WTF

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