Gigabyte website lists FX Bulldozer processors out

/ 6 years ago

The CPU support list for Gigabyte’s AMD based 990FX-UD7 motherboard was updated recently to incorporate the new Bulldozer processors which according to many sources are due out September the 19th. The information in the table isn’t necessarily new, but we now know for definite the confirmed final specifications of all the processors since it is by a major AMD partner Gigabyte.

It lists out all the FX8000, 6000 and 4000 upcoming processors giving information on cache, clock speeds, TDP and the Hyper Transit speed. The model that is probably the most interesting is the FX-8150 which will have 8 cores at 3.6GHz, 16MB of cache and a TDP of just 125W which is less than some quad core AM3 Phenom II processors.


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