Go Incognito on Facebook: AdBlock Plus Can Bypass ‘Seen’ Message Notifications

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Open source content filter Adblock Plus announced an appealing new feature on Tuesday: the plugin can now prevent ‘seen’ notifications from appearing below opened Facebook messages.

AdBlock’s blog used the following example to illustrate the feature:

Facebook message

“[W]hat if you don’t want them to know you’ve read their message? Why? Well, to use the example above, let’s just say that Bruce is my boss. And it’s Saturday. Maybe in response to my innocent question he thinks of something I should do, and instead of responding with helpful film hints he asks me to work.

Bummer, right? Well, if I have this feature enabled Bruce never knows if I’ve read his message or not.”

Facebook message 2

If you would like to implement the “Message ‘seen’ Remover for Facebook” on Adblock Plus, just follow this link and click ‘add’.

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Source: Venture Beat

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  1. Regular adblock (Chrome)
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